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Dubai International Motor Show

Its great as usual !!!Congrats!!!


not sure if i believe him that he is doing this for his mother. with the tv crew and ABC channel, i think there is an ulterior motive here?


oh, that's too bad.. but at least you were able to salvage some moments there.. :) nice work..


Belles photos. Je trouve que John a une tête d'illuminé!


wow, fascinating


so this was he aussie tv guy! cool. :D


Wow, I'm waiting for more.

Ashish Sidapara

Wow, this is weird, cant wait to see what you post next.


Wow I have a feeling things are going to be getting bloody soon. This is a very interesting and unsettling series! Nice work!


Am amazing set of circumstances. I would suspect the locals will never permit another person to participate in this ritual again.

yiannis krikis

great as usual


This is so weird to look at.
The last two photos, were you took that mans face up close are my favorite. You can tell he is not really "into it".


I thought only Pinoys are open to the idea of crucifiction as a show of devotion, repentance or whatever religious motivation.


I can't believe you were that close!

I like the second last photo, for the emotion/expression on his face. I'm sure you got many shots, and I like what you've chosen here.

John Safran's crucifixion caused quite a media stir in Australia. But I'll reserve further comments for later in the series.

Gérard Méry

çà se soigne j'espère ...(rire)

dodong flores

John Safran! I've seen him on TV and read about him from major newspapers!
He deceived the Filipino people!!!


So strange. I never heard of a foreigner, an Australian at that, who willingly subject himself to be crucified on Good Friday.


Vite un clou, je glisse ... ;-)))


La crucifixion est aussi contagieuse que la grippe mexicaine, à ce que constate !


John Safran's show is always edgy. It's a mix of documentary and comedy. I remember him volunteered to be exorcised by an American evangelist in the US. That was a powerful episode.


this is a scam right? i think i saw this on tv. the man has a show in australia and it isn't the right kind of show for the religious traditions in RP. the people from the town where offended after learning that the foreigner deceived them. i forgot if this was the man but i am betting he is.


I am so stunned to read this post. It is like from another world. It literally is. I hope everybody will be ok.


I'm holding my breath while reading all this. Your introduction to this series is literally breathtaking. I guess it's wrong to say that I'm looking forward to the next posts, but I am.
(about your comment, yes, I check the monthly listing of festivals in the Japan Times and randomly pick one in the weekend. Sometimes great sometimes disappointing...)


I'm bracing myself. This is about to get interesting, and gory.

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This kind of ritual should be outlawed!

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